«Алкопак»® тип 5

Type 5 "Svayak"

Supporting the congruent visual concept of one of the most distinguished spirits brands in Belarus is a strategically important objective.

The patented unique safety closure abounds in decoration options, technologies and applied techniques. One of the well-recognized closure design features is a special click sound of the top disc when rotating the closure to open.

Injection mold relief decoration of the inner cap with consequent hot foil pre-pressing is an exclusive solution for the brand "SVAYAK". Additionally the inner cap could be well served as an extra brand protection means.

«Алкопак»® тип 5

The high-precision state-of-the-art equipment transforms all the high definition elements of the Belarus national ornament on the side surface by the hot stamping foil.

Advanced decoration technique and spray finishes, soft-touch application create a pleasant feeling similar to that one of a velvet.

«Алкопак»® тип 5

Multi-level protection system with patented "hydraulic lock system" provides a reliable sealing of the product.

Materials Food grade high quality polymers
Bottle neck finish Standard КPМ-30
Dimensions, mm 34×61
Decoration technologies
  • relief injection molding
  • hot foil stamping
  • soft-touch spray finish
  • mat varnish
«Алкопак»® тип 5