What We Are

The history of Alcopack dates back as far as 1998, at that time the Company had a small team of 15 motivated pioneers to start the business. Nowadays the Company is an innovative leader of the safety spirits closures with a yearly output exceeding 2 billion units.

Alcopack is a purely German production facility located in Belarus, Gomel — in a free economic zone Gomel-Raton. The company is proud to have a team of 1.500 people involved in a creation of a complex safety closure. The Company has been contributing to an impressive store of viable intellectual property, namely, invention patents, utility model patents and design ones. Within a span of the last decade, Alcopack has been granted with more than 150 versatile international patents.

We are honored to be a part of our numerous partners' and customers' business success while our safety closures topping most of the distinguished spirits brands. Being on the alert of our customers' requirements and needs, we are committed to solving on a real-time scale versatile technical challenges our customer could encounter; we take the pride to be in a position to provide a comprehensive approach to a bespoken safety closure solutions being tailor-made to a customer's specific need.

We operate in many countries via own Sales & Tech support department without a middle-man, thus, securing fast response time spent to approach whatever concerns our customers could experience.

What We Do

Alcopack molds steadfast partnership with its customers' marketing and branding agencies to generate an optimum sealing safety solution
by means of:

  • Modification — converting the vast practical experience into the optimal best sealing alternative to renew and improve customer's brand;
  • Optimization — we help to conjointly develop a cost-effective solution while enhancing the winning property of a safety closure;
  • Innovation — employing advanced ideas and next generation technologies in the material processing and decorating thorough ceaseless research and development, the Company pioneers the leading-edge safety solutions to explore new brand image and achieve immaculate brand protection level.

What you get is

The best safety closure solution.