Alcopack® Type 2B

Alcopack® Type 2B

The initial objective of Alcopack® type 2B safety closure creation was to develop a state-of-the-art innovative sealing solution with multi- protection system specifically catering for the special markets to target perilous counterfeit challenge. To combat the challenge, the company R&D team has developed the unexampled two-stage tamper evidence mechanism, comprising of the classic tamper evidence ring and additionally unique vibrant tamper-evident indicator integrated into the closure structure, which appears inside the bottle neck only after the closure has been opened, while leaving no chance to unsafe tampering with the contents without being seen, as the indicator does not return to the zero position.

Alcopack's innovative safety closure Alcopack® type 2B makes the evident be smart!


The indicator could well custom made using different colors or engraved with the company logo.

  • Food grade aluminum sheet
  • High quality food grade polymers
Bottle neck finish Standart
Dimensions, mm 33×47
Decoration technologies
  • Offset printing
  • Glitter Varnish, based on metallized pigments, application on the side surface
  • Embossing/debossing on the top surface
  • Hot foil stamping on top and side surfaces
Tamper evidence, protection system
  • Additional drop-down control indicator
  • Control indicator ring
  • Patented design and tamper-evidence system
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