Alcopack® Type 16

Alcopack® Type 16

Alcopack® Type 16 is a latest innovative company development. A compact tablet closure appearance matches harmoniously with initial engineering idea and sophisticated technical performance.

It goes without saying that so-called tablet closures are hardly born today – they appeared many years ago, however, the combination of a pourer and a tamper evident ring in a compact sealing device is, indisputably, a technological novelty on the spirits safety closure market.

A pourer with a hydraulic lock is injected of a special polycarbonate grade securing a perfect transparency alongside with durability while achieving highest organoleptic properties.

A tamper evident indicator ring is a separate part of the safety tablet closure which gives a solid advantage pertaining to versatile inmold color decoration. Implementation of an original design solution secures ring durable sitting position to guarantee closure/bottle single use.


Peculiar features:

  • although small in dimensions, the safety tablet closure comprises of the pourer with a hydraulic lock;
  • a co-motion the two inner lids secures an outstanding tamper evidence;
  • side embossing.

Dimensions possible: