Sealing solutions for cognac and brandy

Alcopack has launched a new project: high-end sealing closures for cognac and brandy, offering various configurations and decoration options with stem inserts made either of natural or synthetic material.

This project made itself possible to offer a wide variety of cognac and brandy closures shapes within the reasonable time thanks to Alcopack's own mold factory and tool rooms.

Appearance, dimensions accuracy of the molded closures and their productivity depend greatly upon the mold quality and design. Exclusive molds having relief molding features generate both stylish appearance of a sealing closure alongside with the extra guard elements for brand identity and its protection.

Perfectly smooth surface of the closure together with the use of consistent impact-resistant thermoplastic injection grade resins allow applying sophisticated complex surface decoration types.

An aluminium micro layer coating on the closure surface is achieved by the means of vacuum metallization. Surface quality control is performed by registration of optical properties of the product, uniform distribution of the aluminium layer as well as its adhesion.

Sealing closures for cognac and brandy could be well decorated with different colors by applying an extra semi-transparent layer of lacquer on the metalized base.

We pay extra attention to the closure stem. The sealing closure could be either inserted with natural or own production synthetic compound stem.

It is well known that natural corks have a number of disadvantages: with the lapse of time the cork structure strength is degrading, becoming loose and getting crumbled.

Expanded compound stems for cognac and wine sealing in its turn are getting more momentum nowadays. Synthetic stoppers have all advantages of natural materials such as: perfect appearance, elasticity, reliable sealing. By using the qualitative consistent raw resins for stems injection, we guarantee the best organoleptic properties.

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