«Алкопак»® тип 9a

Type 9a "Vozdukh"

The hybrid safety solution comprising of the combination of the ultra-translucent engineering polymer and the aluminum sheath of the original design and decor to accurately complement and conform to the TM initial concept.

The safety closure replicates the original shape of the oxygen cylinder valve, on one hand, while delivering the principle functions - reliable protection system and tamper evidence, on the other.

«Алкопак»® тип 19
Materials Food grade high quality polymers, Aluminum sheet
Bottle neck finish Alcopack Type 9a
Dimensions, mm 42×41,5x21/30
Decoration technologies Top and side embossing of the aluminum sheath
Tamper evidence, protection system
  • TE ring
«Алкопак»® тип 19