Алкопак® тип 8

ALCOPACK® type 8

When a natural beauty is combined with a contemporary engineering approach, we receive the purely genuine sealing solution with the enhanced texture transfer. A wooden T-top is a great opportunity to emphasize the product organic image while communicating its loyalty to natural authenticity.

A vast range of decoration options alongside with the sizes of T-tops is available. Bespoken or unique types sizes are at a customer’s disposal.

Алкопак® тип 8

The state-of-the-art spraying technology embodies all the latest features to employ environmentally friendly water-based varnishes and lacquers to fulfill the variety of colorings and shades; laser engraving applied on either surfaces – be it top or side - brings extra refined style and gloss.

We do care about the efficiency of the T-tops not less than about its appearance and the aesthetics, as the beauty fades away, once the functionality fails.

Алкопак® тип 8

To address the serious concerns of the top and shank de-attachment issue, we have developed the unique glue-free overmoulding (insert moulding) technology to inject the polymer shank into the wooden top, thus, securing robust adhesion properties alongside with T-top being spin-proof.

Alcopack Type 2a
Materials Wood
  • Laser engraving (top and side)
  • Lacquering
  • Spraying, sputtering, wide color range
Алкопак® тип 8