Alcopack Type 2

Type 7a "Hlibny Dar"

Our Team transforms perennial experience, dynamic competence and knowledge on developing technically advanced safety solutions comprising of the unique features and remarkable cost efficiency and effectiveness. We are continuously committed to improving production performance level and culture.

Alcopack Type 7a

Unique safety solution, launched exclusively for TM Hlibny Dar – Bayadera Group is a bright example of our innovative approach. A two-level tamper evidence is achieved through the self-destroying outer band and a orange inner indicator ring.

Alcopack Type 7a vodka HD
Materials Food grade high quality polymers
Bottle neck finish Standard
Dimension, mm 33×53
Decoration technologies
  • multi-colour top and side offset printing
  • hot foil stamping
Tamper evidence, protection system
  • self-destroying outer band (TE band)
  • inner indicator ring
Alcopack Type 7a