«Алкопак»® тип 7

Type 7 "Kozatska Rada"

Ceaseless progress and innovation challenge us to solve uneasy tasks, among hard nut to crack could be a restyling of our Strategic Partners’ leading trademarks.

"ALCOPACK" team accepted the challenge to create unique, innovative protection, exclusive and original design and emphasize premiality of the new brand "Kozatska Rada".

«Алкопак»® тип 7

Having explored the latest trends and possibilities of the contemporary injection technologies, taken a new look at the tamper-evidence of safety closures, we presented a fresh, innovative solution resembling a classic safety closure:

«Алкопак»® тип 7
  • the decoration effect "Skin texture" is achieved by using special multipart hot runner mold, the technology is well developed by our company and constitutes our know-how;
  • a two-level system of the tamper evidence is carried out with the self-destroying outer band and a red inner indicator ring.
Materials Food grade high quality polymers
Bottle neck finish Standard KPM-26
Dimensions, mm 33×53
Decoration technologies
  • relief injection molding «Skin texture»
  • top relief injection molding
Tamper evidence, protection system
  • self-destroying outer band (TE band)
  • inner indicator ring
«Алкопак»® тип 7