Alcopack Type 3

«Alcopack»® Type 3 «5 Ozer»

An ancient legend says that the Five Lakes of the Siberian taiga, formed many centuries ago through the fall of a meteorite, have unique properties and natural purity. The water is very soft, oxygenated and enriched with silver. For its purity, healing and softness, people called it "life-giving water".

This is where the legendary Siberian vodka Five Lakes is born.

Alcopack Type 3

When developing the unique sealing solution, we aspired to embody natural simplicity and modern high-tech, elegance and lightness.

Thanks to the use of innovative high-precision injection molding technology with a complex detachable part, we succeeded to integrate the threaded part into the outer translucent body. High-quality engineering plastic with a high degree of light transmission enabled us to achieve natural transparency of the sealing product, in harmony with the overall brand concept, and the relief decor of the closure's inner insert enhances the perception of delicate details.

Alcopack Type 3 vodka 5 ozer
Materials High quality polymers (food grades)
Required bottleneck special
Dimensions, mm 30,5×14,7
Decoration technology Decoration technology Logo-embossed inlay (embossed molding)
Alcopack Type 3