«Алкопак»® тип 21

Type 21 "Khlibna polovinka"

TM "Khlibna polovinka" – a new-comer, contemporary brand, using a simple, utility but effective sealing solution.

Alcopack Type 21

Thanks to laborious engineering development, the safety closure is made as a one-piece closure while it demonstrates advanced features of tamper evidence, being securely fixed on the bottle.

«Алкопак»® тип 21

The enhanced quality and flexibility properties of the advanced polymer materials provides for the high definition injection molded relief logos - both top&side surface; the pull tab and the breakable band are the part and parcel of the unique design alongside with a proven tamper evidence feature.

Materials Food grade high quality polymers
Bottle neck finish Alcopack Type 21
Dimensions, mm 35×32/18,5
Decoration technologies Relief molding (logotype design)
Tamper evidence, protection system
  • TE band
  • glass becomes visible between two separate cap parts after opening
Alcopack Type 21