Alcopack® Type 5

Alcopack® Type 5

Reassessment of a safety closure is an evident trend within the spirits market. The key players approach a safety closure as a part&parcel of the brand protection and its competitiveness; as a strong communication medium with a consumer. The initial objective of Alcopack® type 5 creation was to develop a state-of-the-art innovative safety closure with multi- protection system specifically catering for the special markets to target perilous counterfeit challenge.

This safety closure embodies all the latest protection features while providing the ultra-modern design.


Peculiar features:

  • once the anti-clockwise rotation occurs, the closure top shell comes off, thus destroying the closure
    shell – signalizing the tamper evidence breach;
  • telescopic pourer with the Single Twist function (impossible to untwist);
  • a hydraulic lock system inside - a multi-channel flow distribution employed to combat the industrial
    refill and authentic contents dilution;
  • extra inner cap to re-close the bottle, thus excluding penetration of unwanted particles inside;
  • advanced decor techniques and spray finishes, soft touch application - creates a pleasant feeling
    when touched similar to that of genuine silk;
  • the closure shell design has two possible versions: with straight and inclined ridges (see the drawing).

Dimensions possible: