Metal plastic safety closure Alcopack Type 4А

Metal plastic safety closure «Alcopack»® Type 4А is a combined protection safety seal with tamper evidence and protection against refilling in industrial environments.

Exclusive pourer with the improved geometry construction guarantees a perfect liquid outflow and cut-off.

At customer's option, a device can be completed with a ball, which is an additional way of prevention combating the industrial refill.

In spite of small dimensions, its decoration can combine various technological techniques that create a logical conclusion for your brand image.

  • Food grade aluminum sheet
  • High quality food grade polymers
Bottle neck finish Special
Dimensions, mm
  • 27×24
  • 27×50
Decoration technologies
  • Offset printing
  • Embossing/debossing on the top surface
  • Hot foil stamping on top and side surfaces
Tamper evidence, protection system
  • Control indicator ring
  • Patented design and tamper-evidence system