Alcopack® Type 23

Closure type 23 – is an excellent alternative in the segment of complex closures, which has been created to be the most cost-effective solution for the economy brands segment.

Type 23 is a combination of such advantages as:

  • ease of a classic snap-on application on the bottle;
  • counterfeit combat - both the closure design and the corresponding bottle neck finish is under the patent protection;
  • ample opportunities for decoration and attractive appearance due to high-quality materials being processed and presence of a fully functional transparent pourer.
Materials High-quality food grade polymers
Bottle neck finish Unique, patented bottle neck finish
Technology of decoration
  • relief molding with application of high-quality colour masterbatches;
  • foil hot stamping of top and sidewall surfaces;
  • implementation of three-dimensional logotypes on the top disc.

Dimensions possible: